Our Past, Present, and Future

Kanbe's Markets began making deliveries of fresh produce to the Ivanhoe neighborhood in 2016 — a predominantly low-income African American neighborhood on the east side of Kansas City. Partnering with C & C Produce, we were able to deliver over 2,500 pounds of fresh produce to The Cakery Bread and Bakery Outlet in just a couple months. In this collaboration, we bolstered sales at The Cakery by 20%.

Eight additional store partnerships are planned for the coming year, all of them serving the food deserts of the east side. New relationships are being established with wholesalers, supermarkets, and local farming alliances to meet the needs of these partners. We are also excited for our education and outreach collaborations with various area community leaders, hospitals, schools, and non-profits.

We are funded through the grants of health organizations and generous contributions from individual donors. Even the smallest donation makes a difference!